Norgorbers Creepy House

Once owned by the god of poison and murder before he ascended, this house was left behind as a magical timebomb of sorts. Everything in the house was loaded with magic, and to the best of expert opinion its magic was released by a bumbling tourist breaking something or upsetting a symbol or something.

When the party arrived at the house, they quickly found that most of it was overwhelmingly magical, and that the longer they stayed there, the creepier and more surreal things seemed to get, at first a look through the windows revealed only darkness, leading Redrick to think perhaps they had been transported to The Underneath, until they were seeing illusory creatures, pulling an seemingly limitless number of oven switches out of the oven, and a seeing hellish landscape of unthinkable monsters which quickly drove the party to the brink of sanity.

Before the party cleared it out, the house seemed to have been shelter for a trio of vampiric intestine monsters and a giant Bone Golem.

The only non-magical items in the house were clues as to the proper unsealing ritual that had been laid out over the house. The party studied these marks carefully and decided, instead, to overwrite them with their own magics. This seemed to have left the house dimensionally anchored to this plane, with the curious side-effect of having one room connected to their house miles and miles away. Within the house the party found many books of forgotten and probably dangerous lore, many of which Redrick was quick to steal up and hide before they could be properly disposed of

Recently, Redrick experienced a dream (?) in which he wandered the house persueing flicks of light, until they led him to a secret chamber in which the book " Thee Princyples of Arckane Sciences ". As he tried to open it, a bright light enveloped him and he found himself back in his chambers.

Norgorbers Creepy House

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