House Usher

A powerful, multi-dimensional, crime syndicate focused primarily on taking control of new areas by force, and then keeping them by means of economical corruption.

The House Usher operates out of Ravendore in religious service to the Demon Prince Iszitst , the like of whom consecrates their rule by presenting them with a challenge, a paradox, and a riddle of sorts. That they must rule through chaos, and that lawlessness and law are in a sense, one and the same. He presents them with power, and tells them that what to them must be chaos, to those below them must be law.

This House often likes to bring “members” into the literal family by having them marry in as soon as possible, they devote much of their resources to making sure that they can marry off legitimate sons and daughters without corruption of the family line, incest, or missing out on financial opportunities.

The House of Usher is currently ruled by a ruthless matriarch, the like of whom sees the twilight of her years quickly settling into night. A succession crisis and several slights against the family both on personal levels and the family as a whole, are among a few reasons why Redrick Usher is wanted by the House alive or dead. (But either way, preferably still capable of feeling pain.)

House Usher has many powerful allies, such as the Order of Midnight, The Black Mask Society, The Prime Terridox, The Hexblade King, and Lady Lenore, they are also beset on all sides by enemies, such as The Overmind, Adrumot, Werewolf Lord Bludtoof, The Six Holy Knights of Highest Valor, The Interplanar Trade and Commissions Association, and A rather clever 1st level commoner named Gritback.

House Usher

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