Rage against Creation

Ash and Dust
We'll make it orky with you!

The Armies, having decided on their course of action, joined hand in Redrick’s teleportation spell to bring them into the country where the murderous traveling circus Carneval. They described to Redrick a land of mountains and rivers, and that is exactly where the spell brought them. An empty field with mountains off in the distance, and rivers all around. They were in the right country, certainly, but had no idea exactly where they were, much less where to find their murderous merrymakers.

After intensely little exploring (a brief glance around) they tracked a small, nomadic, encampment of orcs. Redrick demanded to see their leader, and pushed his luck making demand after rude demand. When he brought back his associates, they seemed like a glass of cool water compared to the headstrong young noble.

Imogen discussed recent matters with the war-chief and discovered that their warriors were just coming back from a difficult fight, from which they needed to recover. Ganon made more diplomatic progress in gaining the respect and awe of the warriors and hunters of the orcs, promising to come along with them on hunts until he had earned a position in the tribe.

Redrick, flying high above the camp on his “flying broom” observed an area only a few hours ride away which was a flaming desolate wasteland. This news piqued the interest of the orc war-chief who .took a few of his finest warriors and rode out with them to see the source of the devastation.

Redrick blamed the destruction on magic, but Ganon, seeing the flattened trees and more familiatr with volcanic eruptions deduced that the mountain had recently been to blame, and that this was only a small taste of the giant explosion yet to come. All was not grim though, as he also knew what came with volcanic eruptions, obsidian.

Being a portal to the knowledge of obsidian, an obsidian portal of sorts, Ganon led the orcs to the material out of which they could make some of the world’s sharpest arrows.

After getting back to camp, the impending volcanic explosion did not sit well with the group, and so Redrick, Ganon, and Nutpuncher rode out to see what they could do by magic, cleverness, or force to avert a crisis.

Halfway up the mountain and half blinded by noxious fumes, the party began dodging bursts of hot air and lava flows that Ganon quickly keened were coming not from the mountain, but from above them. Redrick, thinking handsomely, summoned a huge air elemental to clear away the obscuring fumes and the guys (who I just realized sexistly left the girl behind WAY TO GO YOU BACKWARDS JACKHOLES!) looked up in horror…well, I say horror, more like stern apprehension of danger, at two great dragon heads looking down at them. These terrifying…well…dangerous beasts had claimed this territory and would not let them pass.

The two more combat-experienced dudes leaped ahead of Redrick, leaving him to plod up the mountain on his “broom”. During an intense melee between two serious martial artists and two complete dragons, Redrick was left too far away to use most of his spells. Summoning up all of the arcane hate and bile in his black (Well, more of a dark grey at this point.) soul, he fired a blast of energy which reduced one the more injured of the two instantly to dust. All were surprised by Redrick’s sudden demonstration of magical might, even Redrick.

Crying out for his (her!?) lost companion, the surviving wurm attempted to flee, but was harried by the two boxers, and reduced to dust as was the first. Redrick had hardly had time to notice the two death curses laid upon him by the abundant reptiles before needing to rescue his little goblin friend from having ENTIRELY too much magma in him.

Redrick, upon seeing there was no way to save his little dynasty-shattering buddy, had Ganon hand him his Badge, and used it and his own to warp back to the lair of Buer. The devil lord made short work of the monstrous poison, but only after Redrick promised that he would do him a favor in return. He said he could do nothing about the death curses etched onto his collarbones, once he teleported back to camp however, Imogen in all of the worldly smartness fixed him right up! Requiring rest, Redrick promised only to take Ganon as far as the Volcano to disarm the natural bomb. Redrick, true to his bastardly word, fled the danger, leaving Ganon with nothing more than a potion to turn him into an Earth elemental, and the focus of a monk, to combat the unimaginable force of nature herself.

Ganon weakened the Volcano on the side facing away from the camp and toward a river such that he could ensure both their safty, and a venue into future industries. Returning alive, and a hero, Ganon and Nutpuncher were awarded entry into the tribe’s gloat of hunters. (A gloat is a group of hunters. I made that up and it’s a thing now.) Redrick, meanwhile, set up a non-compete contract with the chief, such that obsidian arrows would be continuously purchased by Deepgate and sold at high profit there.

Their work (and play) with the orcs complete, the group gathered around Redrick to perform a ceremony of divination which would reveal whether a course of action would bring good consequences, or bad ones. Redrick asked the casting bones whether or not traveling in a certain direction would bring them closer to the clowns of carnage. His predictions revealed that every other direction but East would bring inconclusive consequences, and that East would be a bad direction to travel.

Bad being what they were seeking, the party packed up and began walking toward danger. (Which will probably turn out to be horror after all.)

Dropping in

Time. Space. Dimension. None of these matter to two travelers. The great and noble, yet evil, Warlock Redrick Usher, and his keeper, the goblin officer of the law and stealer of spells, Thesl Laithe. They drop into the middle of Absolom one fine day, smack dab in the middle of an ally. After some discussion, they manage to get a ride to the police station. There, after much discussion with a Catfolk that they later identified as not only female (Much to Redrick’s embarrassment) but as the chief of police (Much to Redrick’s displeasure), Thesl was given not only jurisdiction, but housing as well. All that was left was to get a drink, and relax.

When are things ever that easy?


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