Rage against Creation

Dropping in

Time. Space. Dimension. None of these matter to two travelers. The great and noble, yet evil, Warlock Redrick Usher, and his keeper, the goblin officer of the law and stealer of spells, Thesl Laithe. They drop into the middle of Absolom one fine day, smack dab in the middle of an ally. After some discussion, they manage to get a ride to the police station. There, after much discussion with a Catfolk that they later identified as not only female (Much to Redrick’s embarrassment) but as the chief of police (Much to Redrick’s displeasure), Thesl was given not only jurisdiction, but housing as well. All that was left was to get a drink, and relax.

When are things ever that easy?


AxelDraconi AxelDraconi

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