The Gods Suck!

There is no denying that those frilly, self-righteous, sociopaths normally assumed to run the universe have no idea what in the multiverse they’re doing. The gods put a stopper on an apocalypse they were too weak to prevent, and it resulted in a plane which is nearly impossible to escape from without their direct intervention.

When the Seven Nations Army, a group consisting inconsistently of three to five members at any given time wound up working together on Galareon, the prison plane of the Rovagug the embodiment of destruction, they had a purpose laid out clearly before them, but more than mere purpose. Their purpose is driven by passion, a rage against the creation they’ve been incarcerated in by the incompetence of the divine.

A new solution to the Rovagug imperative must be invented, and this solution will require new guardians, new gods. The seven armies: Redrick the dark noble, Ganon the lizard king, Thesl the agent of law, Imogen the gifted chemist, Tak the barbarian, and Guile the bard and Nutpuncher, the testicle striking goblin are rising to their calling, and only the blood of the idiot gods will temper their anger.